Current Programs

10/14/19 - LAST WI CALL - Offset Drilling Program in Central TX - ID 1184


400 Acre Lease with SWD

Offset well drilled in August doing 45 bopd.

Plan is to drill single offset well to 2,800’  to test and complete in the King Sand 


Estimated 30-60 MBO recoverable with production rate estimates 25-50 BOPD 

Estimated Payout conservatively between 10-18 months and 5:1 - 8:1 ROI

$5,750 for 1%WI @ 75%NRI minimum 2%WI purchase.  Second well in a 5 well program (first right of refusal on subsequent wells).  

5%WI available

SOLD - Central TX Offset Drilling Program - ID 1197


Offset well produced 35 boepd for 24 months before casing failure under a different operator on lease

Operator has recently performed similar program on adjacent lease with favorable returns in same formation

Estimated 30-50 boepd (mostly oil)▪Payout estimated between 12-18 months conservatively

12%WI available @ 75%NRI rate at the following amounts:

1/64: $7,675      1/32: $15,345    1/16: $30,690 1/8: $61,380

8/27/19 - North Central TX Producing Lease Package for Sale - ID 1194


4 fairly mature wells producing +35 BOPD combined with SWD. 

Room to drill or re-enter more wells on leases

$1.2MM for 100% WI with royalties between 79%-85%.  Can do ops or non-ops.

6/28/19 - Kansas Wildcat - ID 1196


80 acre lease with 400 acres for expansion in Jefferson County, KS

Lease has produced from 

1,500' in McClouth Sand

Now the wildcat:

1 well half a mile away was drilled to 3,200' in the 1920's with only geologist notes showing 100ft of oil never completed around 3,100' 

The notes, however, make it very appealing for further inquiry with academics keenly interested in the tests.

Plan is to drill to 3,200' to test multiple zones for oil, gas, condensate, He, etc.for economic development (based on academic hypotheses).

McClouth Sand (secondary target) estimated to produce 2-5 bopd if primary target uneconomical.

75%WI available @ 85%NRI for blocks of 5%WI @ $9.5K to the casing point only. Cash call based on findings for completion.

Update 5/10/19 - Producing Permian Basin WI (carry) for Sale - ID 1187


Single horizontal well drilled in October 2018 the heart of the Permian Basin on expandable acre lease.  

Well producing + 400 bopd and +300 mcfpd in target zone with other zones behind pipe

Well abutting acreage in the 3rd Bone Springs is producing over 1500 BOEPD in May, which is present in hole in this well.


1/8th carry (12.5%WI) with acreage.  Heads up on drilling second well (AFE for 100%WI @ $10MM).  Contact directly for price (will need to sign NDNC).


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